Day 3

We stretch the night until eight o’clock in the morning, and then all four of us are more than wide awake. After the morning routines we set off. The first plan is to have breakfast nearby and then visit the Jack Daniel’s Hardwarestore, their gift shop. But the only option mentioned in the motel’s big book turns out to be a gas station annex shop where we score a coffee, but nothing else. We leave the Hardwarestore the Hardwarestore and decide to start the journey to Nashville, and if we see a breakfast spot on the way, we stop. That eventually becomes something at a gas station, but with more options than the one in Lynchburg. Then the last kilometers to Nashville and there we first drive to Cooter’s Place. Cooter was the mechanic for the Dukes of Hazzard in the series, and he has taken over the cars from the series and now puts them on display. In addition, there is, of course, I would almost say, a lot for sale around the series, and you can take a picture with all the cars. A fun, entertaining outing. Next to Cooter’s is the Friends of Willie Nelson shop, where there is also a lot for sale. So we spend a lot of time there, and then we go and get the tickets for tonight’s show at the Grand Ole Opry. When we have them we go to a Walmart and do some shopping. We will stay in an apartment for the next two nights and will therefore cook for ourselves. We arrive at the apartment around half past two and are warmly welcomed. We decide to do nothing more until the show, which starts at seven, and stay on the patio with a book, a newspaper, or a tablet to start typing this part of the report. We eat a delicious homemade meal and then get ready for an evening of Country, well, and that’s it. A grandiose show of 7 country artists, ranging in age from almost 83 to 21. But each and every one passionate about Country music.

The video of the day:

Dukes of Hazzard
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