Day 4

The jet lag is already becoming bearable, we just wake up at 8.00 am. Around 9 am we had breakfast in the sun on our patio. Such a luxury. An hour later we got in the car and headed for downtown Nashville. The first challenge is finding a parking space. Every parking we come across has the principle “scan and pay” which means that you scan a QR code with your phone and pay with your phone. Great system but only suitable for US and Canadian phone numbers. Eventually we find a parking space where you can still pay the old-fashioned way at a machine. Then we walked a bit and strolled around the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. We already saw that there was also a stop for the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus at our parking space. We unanimously decided that this was a good idea, bought tickets and were able to see the highlights of the city in almost two hours. After a late lunch at the Hard Rock cafĂ©, we looked up the car again and drove back to the apartment to enjoy the sun for a while. Bernard’s great wish is to go bowling here, because if you say bowling you say America. We find a bowling center with 32 lanes about a fifteen minute drive from our apartment. We reserve a lane for two hours and have the greatest fun with the people next to us on the court. On the left a family, and on the right four friends who bowl together every week, and look professional, but nevertheless welcome us warmly. That’s a good thing, because the results are nothing to write home about, but they won’t take this experience away from us anymore. We then drive quietly back to the apartment and discuss the plans for tomorrow.

The video of the day:

Creed Fisher – Nashvil,e
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