Day 14

Today has largely fallen into the water, unfortunately. We wake up to a strong thunderstorm, and after that it has hardly been dry anymore. Because of that thunderstorm we wait a little longer before we leave. Around a quarter past nine it is almost dry so we pack the car and drive to New Orleans. But on the way the shower increases again and we decide to go to the National World War 2 museum instead of the French Quarter. This museum had already been recommended to us by Klaas and Wilma, the ones who took us to the USA the first time, and it was also recommended by a hotel receptionist in Natchez. For example, the museum is also highly promoted by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. And rightly so, it is a very extensive museum with various exhibitions. Unfortunately, after we leave the museum at a quarter past one, it is still raining cats and dogs but nevertheless we set course for the paddle steamer that sails on the Mississippi, one of the standard tourist highlights of New Orleans. But arriving there the tickets for the half past three trip are already sold out, and it is raining too hard to walk to a similar boat further on. We discuss and quickly agree that it is a pity, but it is no different. So we set course for our next station, Biloxi. There it is finally dry around our arrival. We are looking for a restaurant, it will be a Steak and Seafood restaurant, and the food is delicious. Now we are sitting in one of the two hotel rooms, typing this story and having a drink together.

The video of the day:
Gene Kelly – Singin’ in the Rain
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