Day 13

We have decided to build in a kind of half rest day today. We are in a beautiful house that is right between the two plantations on our program. We decide to only visit these plantations and leave it at that. And that’s a good thing because they leave a big impression on all four of us. The first one we visit is Oak Alley Plantation, this one is very focused on the former owners and the wealth they own and exude. The tour through the so-called “Big House” is therefore impressive. There is also a self-guided tour of some former slave quarters, but the “Big House” is what is showing off here. After this tour we first visit our house where we are staying, have some food and drinks, and then drive to Whitney Plantation, oh boy, what a difference. This tour is completely focused on what it meant to the slaves and the “Big House” is just a side note. What an overwhelming tour. We then drive to the supermarket for dinner, and Bernard spoils us again with delicious potatoes, Spinach special and a nice piece of beef. Tomorrow we will visit NOLA, which stands for New Orleans, LA.

The video of the day:

Verdi – Slave Choir from Nabucco
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