Day 12

The theme for today is fresh and hot 😉 The first planned stop is a swamp tour on Lake Martin. This lake is near Lafayette, LA. That’s a two and a half hour drive from Natchez. We had already bought tickets for the 13:00 tour yesterday, but the journey is going so well that we are at the door 2 minutes after 11.00 am. I walk in to ask if we might be able to join the 11:30am tour. The answer is no, but…. if we want to join the 11 o’clock boat they can take us there quickly, it has just left. We accept this gesture with gratitude, and 5 minutes later we are on the 11 o’clock tour. The journey is overwhelming. And the last 5 minutes back to the harbor is wonderfully refreshing. It’s more than we imagined from a swamp tour. We first planned to miss the planned trip to the Tabasco factory, but now that we have earned almost two hours we set course for the factory. Still glad we did this hot trip after all. At three o’clock we get in the car for today’s last leg, to the house we rented through AirBnB in Vacherie, LA. Tomorrow a reasonably quiet day, with only visits to the plantations that are about 4 miles to the left and right of us. So almost neighbours.

On the video of the day today, we learned that a Bayou is a slow flowing river:

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