Day 15

The weather is beautiful when we wake up for the second time. Second time? you will ask, yes, second time, because there is a couple who find it necessary to discuss their whole love life in front of the door around five o’clock in the night. Imagine the woman as Laverne from Empty Nest and you have an image. Anyway, the weather is beautiful, so after breakfast we go to Biloxi Beach. We walk around a bit, put our feet in the Gulf of Mexico (nice and warm water, at least 20 degrees) and take some pictures. Still, the wind blows a little too hard to stay at the sea for too long, so we start the ride after an hour. We decide to make it a travel day today, which means that we drive to Selma as planned, stop there at the Edmund Pettis Bridge, but since that is also viewed in fifteen minutes, we drive another 200 kilometers further. As a result, we are now in LaGrange, GA, and tomorrow we only have to drive 125 kilometers to Atlanta, GA. We do some shopping, and because today we cross the time limit from Central Time to Eastern Time again and as a result we lose another hour, it is already half past seven when we are at the Walmart. We each decide to buy a microwave meal for ourselves because the rooms appear to have a microwave. Tomorrow the last leg to Atlanta.

The video of the day:

We Shall Overcome
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