Day 2

After a great night that we could stretch to seven hours, we packed the car for the first time after a good breakfast and set off for Chattanooga. Here we first viewed the famous Chattanooga Choo Choo, and then we drove up Lookout Mountain. Here you can view various things, and we had bet on Rock City. This is a garden where you can walk around, with a view from above over seven different States. However, when we get there, the entrance fee turns out to be $26.95 p.p. and that is too much for the hour and a half that we have planned there. So we get back in the car and drive to the next stop, Lynchburg, TN. Here we check in at the Lynchburg Country Inn and then drive to the Jack Daniel’s Distillery for the Angel’s Share Tour. We had booked the tour at 4:15 pm, but because we earn an hour on the way, we go from Eastern Time to Central Time, we are also on time at Jack Daniel’s and the receptionist indicates that we can also join half an hour earlier. So we do, and that gives us a fantastic tour guide. She is very informative, very funny and very quick-witted. After walking for an hour and a half along the various parts of the distilling process guided by her information, we finally end up in the tasting, with five delicious whiskies. Since sister Ria doesn’t drink a drop, she is renamed Baby Angel by the guide, and when she hears that she will have been married to brother-in-law Bernard for 45 years next month, she elicits a round of applause from the entire group. After the tour we look for a restaurant and eventually end up at the Bluegill Grill, which turns out to be a fantastic restaurant on the water with great food.

The video of the day:

Eric Church – Jack Daniel’s
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