Day 1

After a quiet breakfast we walk to Bremen airport at half past seven. What a relief compared to, for example, Schiphol. We are therefore through security in 5 minutes. And checking in doesn’t take much more time either. Then wait for the flight to depart. Exactly on time. Arriving at Schiphol, we have to go through passport control, which takes us fifteen minutes, and then wait for the departure to Atlanta. After a good flight, with a few times some turbulence, we arrive 45 minutes earlier than planned. Then we spend about two hours at Border Control and pick up the rental car, but then we can also go to our first apartment around six o’clock. At least, an apartment was booked, but when we arrived there the owner opened the door and looked at us in surprise. He had stopped renting for some time. So here we are, without a place to sleep. Fortunately, there are a number of hotel chains around the corner, so we book a hotel room at Holiday Inn Express. We eat across the street at the Outback. And now it is ten past ten in the evening, which means that it is ten past four in the Netherlands. Tomorrow is the
first real day of vacation,

The video of the day is:

Paul Simon – Homeless
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