Day 9

Today is a planned rest day, and that’s what we’re doing. We sleep until about half past nine, have breakfast and a shower and then Bernard and Bene walk around the grounds of the Shack Up Inn to take pictures. In the Shack Up Inn lobby we are treated to a small private concert by a young woman who also walks around and takes a seat behind the piano. After the photo session we get in the car and drive first to the Crossroads, the crossroads where, according to the legend, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his talent. A few photos and on to the Delta Blues Museum. There we look around, enjoy the Blues music and finally go to the Walmart. At our shack there is a barbecue, but it is too dirty to handle. But it does give us the idea to barbecue. We decide to buy enough meat and prepare it on the stove, add a few delicious salads and who cares. Now about the Shack Up Inn as promised yesterday, a shack is, in most cases, a workers’ cottage from the late 19th century, early 20th. What people do here is buy these houses, when they come on the market, and move them here. You can then rent such a shack and feel a bit like a Delta cotton picker, for example. We enjoy the peace here and the sunset and go to bed on time, tomorrow there are a number of interesting and fun things on the program.

The video of the day is in this case different from the one on the Dutch part, there we have a Dutch artist, André Hazes with a blues song called “As far as I know I’m married”, a cover of a Robert Johnson song called “I believe I dust my broom”, For now I selected the below song for you:

John Lee Hooker feat. Bonnie Raitt – I’m in the Mood
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