Day 10

After the daily morning activities we load the car again and head for Sumner. Here is the Emmett Till Interpretive Center. Emmett was a 14-year-old black boy who was accused of flirting by a white woman, which resulted in her husband and two friends lynching him. An all-white jury acquitted them. The brutality of this shocked America, and certainly sparked the creation of the Civil Rights Movement. In the center you find, among other things, the courtroom where this happened being preserved. But to our regret we discover on the spot that the Center only opens at 12 o’clock. Waiting two hours is not an option, so we continue empty-handed. Next stop is the B. B. King Museum in his hometown of Indianola. Here we spend a good hour and a half. It is a beautiful museum for a great artist. Then we drive west for about fifteen minutes to Leland. Here you will find the birthplace of Kermit the Frog. Leland is the hometown of Jim Henson, the big man behind the Muppets. It’s a small building and you’re done in 10 minutes, but definitely worth a visit. We get back in the car and head for Jackson, the capital of the state of Mississippi. On the way we eat a sandwich at Subway, and we are at the hotel at a quarter past four. We check in, do some small things and then drive to the destination planned for tomorrow morning, the Outlets of Mississippi, so the wardrobe has now been replenished fairly cheaply. We then find an Applebee’s and have a delicious dinner there.

The video of the day:

Kermit – It’s not Easy being Green
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