Day 7

Today is a day with serious and light-hearted trips, we get up at a reasonably normal time, have breakfast, put some more laundry in the dryer, and finally head for the Lorraine Motel. This motel features Martin Luther King Jr. shot down, and it has now been converted into the Civil Rights Museum. A truly very impressive museum where the oppression of the African-American inhabitants from the slavery period to the present day is excellently explained. We spend more than two hours here, absorbing all the information that is given. After that, the plan is to go to Sun Studios. Elvis recorded his very first single here. We eat a quick sandwich at Domino’s before and then go to the building where the studio is located. We are overwhelmed by the busloads of people inside (and outside), and take a quick look inside, but are also soon done here and on our way again. To a supermarket to buy dinner, and then on to our little palace a stone’s throw from Graceland. The intensity of the trip is starting to become noticeable for Bernard and Ria, and they stay comfortably in the apartment, but Bene and Margreet decide to take an Uber to the Peabody hotel, where the Peabody Ducks will go again at 5 o’clock in the afternoon to their loft on the roof of the hotel, which is quite a spectacle every day that we would like to see. See there the light-hearted part of the day ;-). We are in time for the walk from the fountain to the elevator, but too late for a good spot, nevertheless we still see enough of the whole thing. Another Uber home, where a delicious meal awaits us. And then do nothing tonight, and report to Graceland in time for the Ultimate VIP tour we booked.

The video of the day:

U2 – Pride (In the Name of Love)
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