Day 6

After a somewhat restless night, there is a truck next to the hotel rooms, and it starts warming up very early, we have breakfast and then get in to drive towards Tupelo. A ride of one and a half hours that Ria takes smoothly. In principle, the Elvis experience officially begins in Tupelo, because he himself actually started there, or rather was born there. The birth house is still completely intact in exactly the same place, and various things have been added over the course of time. A museum, of course a gift shop, and also a chapel. And on a hill behind the house the statue “Becoming”, a thirteen year old Elvis with guitar, with behind it an Elvis at the top of his fame, impressive. You can also visit the birth house, but since it is a two-room house, that is done quickly. Then strolled through the museum and then on the way to Memphis. There we have a complete house with three bedrooms, garage, full kitchen and living room at our disposal for the next two days, it is also a stone’s throw from Graceland. We settle in, and then Bene and Margreet set off for Oxford, MS, and Bernard and Ria stay at the house, preparing a delicious meal for the two of them that is put together at a Walmart along the way, as well as breakfast for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow . That trip to Oxford is for the Double Decker Arts Festival there, where Ashley McBryde, a favorite of both Bene and Margreet, will perform. It’s a fantastic performance, and we’re also very impressed with the performance before it, a group of three girls who call themselves Chapel Hart, search them up on youtube, especially their special version of Jolene. All in all, we are back in Memphis at midnight, and now we go to sleep. Tomorrow a number of new trips await us.

Video of the day:

Ashley McBryde – Lights On in the Kitchen
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